Rose Cottage Quilts has been established to instill in the hearts of all who visit a desire to get back to our heritage.  God created us to be a holy people honoring a holy God.  He gave us our families to honor and cherish and nurture in the fear and training of the Lord.  His desire is to see families as true families again, where "the hearts of the fathers are toward the children and the hearts of the children are toward their fathers."
The custom quilts designed and stitched at Rose Cottage showcase cherished family heirlooms which remind us of these simpler times.  Meander through our gallery and see how your favortie textiles can be the center of attention in a beautifully cozy heirloom quilt which can be displayed for years to come then passed on for future blessings.
God will soon send His son Jesus back for a holy remnant who will join Him in heaven forever.  Being a quilter, I truly understand that a remnant is a very small portion of the whole cloth.  Our prayer here at Rose Cottage Quilts is that you will know intimately the one and only true God and His Son whom He sent, that you may be a part of this remnant, and live eternally with Him.
Thank you for visiting Rose Cottage Quilts, and God Bless You!
Arnie & Deanna Hodson
1200 East Elm Street
Olathe, Kansas 66061